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Dear Friend,

This website used to host a series of posts on an exposition of the Old Testament. The contents of the individual posts have been combined, revised, expanded, improved and published as a book:

This is the blurb on the back cover of the book:

The meaning of history is about the purpose and goal of history. According to the Old Testament this involves redeeming humanity and transforming civilization toward an eternal hope of a world in which every longing is fulfilled and every fear is no more.

When the Old Testament is understood on its terms, it reveals a marvelous vision of that hope. To capture this vision as well as present credible reason for the hope, this book interweaves into one coherent exposition five strands of Old Testament studies usually separated into different books: theology, ethics, mission, history, apologetics.

You are welcome to download a complimentary pdf copy of the book HERE. Hard copies are available at

T. F. Leong