An Open Invitation

Dear Friend,

Every story has an ending, without which it has no meaning. For we know what a story means only if we know how it ends. History takes the form of a story. In fact fiction mimics history. So history has meaning only if it has an ending. Otherwise history is like a never-ending tale that keeps us seeking for the meaning behind the twists and turns in the plot without the assurance that we will eventually find it in the end.

And it is not enough that history has an ending, any ending. It must have a meaningful ending. If history ends with the total annihilation of the human race, then history would still have served no meaningful purpose. With the global ecological crisis threatening to destroy planet Earth and the frequency of global economic crises, where is history going? Is there meaning to it?

The Old Testament not only describes how our world began but also how it will end meaningfully. It gives us a reason for hope. And it helps us make sense of the twists and turns of world history. This exposition of the Old Testament is not only on the meaning of history but also how we can participate in it.

Can one really take the Old Testament seriously? You are welcome to take a look.

T. F. Leong